how to make 3D Christmas paper tree

Christmas is an annual festival, celebrated mainly on December 25th as a religious and cultural festival for billions of people around the world. Christmas is the occasion to celebrate all that is festive and adorns our homes. If you’re less with money and can’t afford Christmas tree then don’t worry because here is the method to make ‘3D Christmas Paper Tree’ your own tree at home. Some tips about Christmas decoration from your garden.

Made by: NS Creative Collections

How To Make

So let’s start the procedure.

  • First of all your requirement is black hard chart make it’s cone and append it with glue.
  • Cut off the extra piece to make it smooth.
  • Take a piece of cardboard in circle shape as it is cone’s size.
  • Attach this cardboard at the end point of cone with the help of glue.
  • Now, you need a green soft paper. Take it and cut it’s strips about 4cm in width.
  • Leave it’s ½ cm and make more small strips of every 4cm strip.
  • Bend the small strips outward with the help of pencil.
  • Apply all these strips one by one at cone with glue.
  • All the places of cone should be covers with these strip. It will look like a tree.
  • Now, take a brown soft paper and circle shaped cardboard. Make a pipe of that soft paper by scrolling it.
  • Circular cardboard should be covers with brown sheet or paper.
  • Attach the pipe of soft paper with card board with glue and append it with the bottom of cone.
  • Pipe will have like a root while circular cardboard will work as a stand.
  • Cut a star of glitter sheet and attach it at peak point of cone.
  • Now you need colorful small balls of Thermopolis and decorate your tree with these small balls and now your tree is ready.