Christmas decoration ideas at home
Christmas is an annual festival, celebrated mainly on December 25th as a religious and cultural festival for billions of people around the world. Christmas is the occasion to celebrate all that is festive and adorns our homes. Here are 5 Christmas decorating ideas for 2021.

Made by: DiY BiGBooM

Bouquet from glass

  • First of all, you need a long glass and multi-colored beads in all sizes.
  • Fill the whole glass with beads.
  • Take stealth wires and decorate them with red glitter.
  • Append beads with wires by making a small distance between them.
  • Put all of the wires in the glass.
  • Your amazing bouquet is ready.

Wall decoration piece with beads and ribbon

  • You need two sickles.
  • Fix them in the wall.
  • Take a wooden stick and cover it with a black tap.
  • Hang it with the sickles.
  • Now you need to take the piece of ribbon and also beads of different sizes.
  • Tie the beads with ribbon and hang them with the wooden stick.
  • You need to hang first small and then large.

Handmade Christmas box and cone

  • Take a piece of paper.
  • Make a big cone of it.
  • Cover up the cone with a plastics sheet.
  • Wrap a rope around the cone.
  • Apply white glue on the whole rope. Let it dry.
  • When it is completely dry then remove that piece of paper and plastic sheet. Now put small lights inside of the cone.
  • Take a small box and cover all of its sides with a red sheet.
  • Wrap a ribbon around the four sides of the box.
  • Put the cone on the box and decorate its area and cone with red, silver, and golden beads.
  • Take a piece of glitter sheet and cut a star of it and unite it with the peak point of the cone. Put a batch of Marry Christmas on the cone.
  • Turn on its light and enjoy the adorable scene.

Reuse of old frame into a beautiful decoration piece

  • Take an old wasted frame.
  • Dye it with red color.
  • Take three large beads in a red, silver, and golden color.
  • Make small dots and also freezing signs on that beads.
  • Take three golden chains and hang them inside of the frame.
  • Make a stunning flower of a golden piece of ribbon and append it on the top of the frame with glue.
  • Hang this lovely frame on the wall.

More Christmas DIY

Christmas teapot tree

  • Take any picture of the Christmas event and a small teapot.
  • Engage the picture at the teapot with white glue. Let it dry.
  • Now take a paper sheet and make its cone.
  • Cut off the extra piece.
  • Take the lace and wrap it around that cone.
  • The cone should be covered completely.
  • Put the cone on the teapot.
  • Decorate the cone with multi-colored and different sizes beads.
  • Put a flower on the top point of the cone.

Make an incredible tree with plastic bottles

  • Take a plastic bottle and cut it into two pieces.
  • Take the upper side of the bottle and make small strips of it.
  • Bend one strip inward and another one upward.
  • Make three pieces of bottles and join them together.
  • Take a cup and one piece of bottle.
  • Assemble it inside the cup with glue.
  • Fill up the cup with small white peals.
  • Adorn the strips with multi-colored beads.
  • And you’ve prepared a small incredible tree.

Handmade heart with plastic bottles

  • Take center part of a plastic bottle.
  • Make its corners smooth by rubbing it’s with iron.
  • Dye it with brown color and put a large bead inside of it.
  • Make 13 more pieces.
  • Cut a heart of paper sheet.
  • Join all the pieces that you create with glue in heart shape.
  • Now put small pipes inside and outside of that pieces.
  • Hang it on the wall with the help of a ribbon.